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Step 1 Log on your «Member Area».
 You can refer to the «My first login» topic to have more details about this step.
Step 2 Go to the tab named «My Collection».
Step 3 Click on the «My Cards » hyperlink.
You are redirected to the categories creation page.
To understand categories

Tc-Collector is able to manage two levels of categories (called : categories and sub-categories).
Your collection can be designed as follow :
[My Autographs] and inside all cards (here we are only dealing with the first level) or,
[My BasketBall cards] > [My Autographs] and inside all cards (here we are dealing with the two levels).
This also can be [My Player] > [A year] and all cards belong to this year.
When we are managing only one level, the category is considered as final.
Step 4 Create your first category.
Click on «Add a Category» button then provide some informations like, name, sort order and image.
It's possible to not show the category to everybody; to allow visitors to see your collection your must check the «Visible» checkbox.
Click on the «Submit» button to save the new created category in the database.
Step 5 Create a sub-category.
If you haven't checked the «Final category» checkbox in the previous step, you will be able to create sub-categories.
The process is really similar to the categories creation.
Step 6 Add cards.
Two processes allow you to create cards

# Creation of cards, one by one via a button named «Add a card».
# Massive import via a template file.
Step 7 You are ready !
You can click on the link on the bottom right of the screen «See member profile», you will be able to contemplate the result.
Warning : you must check the «Visible» checkbox for both categories and sub-categories.
Questions? Suggestions? Remarks? Please visit the Tc-collector Blog.