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The registration on the tc-collector website is simple, free and only needs few steps to be achieved :
Step 1 Choose a login
 Your login must be between 3 and 50 characters.
 Characters allowed are Alphanumeric (Aa-Zz, 0-9), dash - or underscore _.
 The first character must be a letter (Aa-Zz).
 The last character must be a letter (Aa-Zz) or a number (0-9).
Step 2 Choose a password
 Your password cannot be empty and must be less than 50 characters.
Step 3 Confirm your password
Step 4 Provide your email address
You must enter an email address where you can access immediately. Indeed, tc-collector will send you an email with instructions to complete your registration.
Step 5 Enter the verification code (called Captcha code)
Step 6 Submit the form
You can check the checkbox if you want to receive emails from tc-collector
Step 7 Confirm the registration
You must click on the link contained in the «Tc-collector : Account registration» email
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