About Tc-Collector

Tc-Collector has been made by one huge sports trading cards fan, for other passionate fans. The tool is 100% free and has been designed to help each collector on a day to day basis.

Create listings, flag cards as «Wanted», «incoming». Upload scans, share trade lists... Everything needed is available in one place.

« The idea came to my mind in 2004 when I had to live in Ireland for 6 months. I was really far from my trading cards collection (at this time around 1000 cards), but still an active collector buying cards online. Every single card or lots were shipped to my parents' house in France, and I didn't have a clear status of my collection. In order to not be completely lost, I decided to build a website to list all my cards and see what I was looking for and what was incoming. This tool was just a prototype but already helpful, so, when I came back in France in 2005 I decided to open it to all collectors.

That took me several years to build a robust platform able to host several hundreds of users. Finally in January 2011 www.Tc-Collector.com went live. I have asked some big collectors to become Beta testers and based on the feedback received, I improved existing functionality (Thanks Ced67 !).

In the first year of existence we had around 3 500 unique visitors for 168 000 page views.

Last year, we had more than 8 000 visitors for 225 000 page views.

We are now in the third year and we already reached 2 000 visitors (+80% on the same period) for more than 50 000 page views (+50%) ».

Sylvain Coulombel, Trading cards collector, owner of tc-collector, February 2013.

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